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Friday, June 1, 2012

Not What I Intended To Write On

It's been a busy week, especially with Monday being a holiday.  I've been meaning to write more since my last post on Tuesday, and it just hasn't happened.  Was gonna do a VOTD (Verse Of The Day) post today but was struggling with it, and instead of forcing the issue, I just want to share an article I came across today.

Adventure Races are incredibly popular these days!  I know for me, I've done a few and have absolutely loved them.  This year, as I've been struggling with my own running, motivation, etc. I'm really considering doing a few to round out the year.  A buddy has already signed me up for a Spartan Race, so that's one down.  The realization has hit for me that I need to turn this year into one that makes running fun for me again.  So, the 50 miler in September is out the window.  I may still attempt the 50k, the same one I did last year in September, but no 50 miler.

Anyways, here's the link to this article.  It touches on some correlation between adventure races and Christianity.  I loved what it had to say, and will try to revisit this article at least once a week.

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