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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Something that moved me today.......

i believe God uses all kinds of methods to speak to our hearts.  to inspire us.  to grow us.  i came across a quote in a press release today.  the press release was detailing the next 4 years of a professional athlete's life, possibly the best mountain ultra runner ever named Kilian Jornet.  the quote is from Pablo Coelho, 

"There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve; the fear of failure."

God has been speaking to me so much as of late regarding fear.  in fact, He's been asking me to step out a lot more, to risk much more for Him lately.  in the past, fear has paralyzed me as it has with so many others.  but to be honest, i've come to this place where i'm tired of living in bondage.  i want to live out of freedom!  where fear used to cause me to retreat, i now want to blaze forth into the unknown.  instead of stepping back, i want to step forward.  this is not done recklessly, but with the sure, steadfast knowledge that isaiah 42:16 still holds true for me today.  the difference is that it used to be a source of comfort for me.  now it's a source of confidence.  it's no longer meant to ease past hurts.  not it serves me as a guide.  yes, God will take my hand.  He will direct me through unknown country.  He'll show me what roads to take, make sure i don't fall into the ditch.  He'll stick with me, never leaving me.  at the forefront of my mind, this now serves as an incredible invitation to the adventure of a lifetime!  walking hand in hand with the Father!  i'm tired of living a reactive life.  now i'm looking forward to a proactive life.

it's time to go on the offensive, and God is using films like this to speak to my heart.  sure, it stirs the runner/adventurer in me.  but it stirs something even deeper in me.  we were not created to solely enjoy life on a physical level.  no, it's much deeper than this video can portray.  nonetheless, God's using this to help melt away all fear.

really, can there be any fear, when one fully comprehends their identity in the Father?  i'm a son of the living God!  i'm His son!  so how can i fail!  the only failure would be to walk away from Him, and that is something i will never do.

in case you still haven't watched this short, 2 minute trailer, do yourself a favor and click here.

then, ask yourself what fears you need to overcome.  better yet, post on this blog.  let's help each other along on this journey.  let's inspire each other with tales of how God has come through for us once we began to face fear head on.  i'll celebrate with you!  join me!

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