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Friday, May 25, 2012

What I wouldn't give.......

right now, i could go for a long weekend away in a cabin somewhere.  just to get out, where nothing is required of me but to rest and enjoy myself.  that sure does hit the spot.  i have some friends that have a cabin in michigan that i've been to in the past.  i would go there for 2-4 days, just to relax, enjoy myself, and recharge.  i miss those days.

was chatting with a friend yesterday about how we've lost the ability to rest well in our culture.  we've bought into the thought that we have to be on the go all the friggin time.  got to make the most of the time we have here on this planet of rock and dirt and water.  what a load of crock.  

does jesus really want us stressed to the max all the time?  unable to sleep?  no energy for anything other than working another day, keeping everything nice and clean and tidy, letting our kids do everything under the sun, never taking time to slow down and just RELAX?

i mean, it's almost comical.  our bodies even tell us when it's time to slow down and stop by getting sick!  even then, we don't pay attention.  we press on, for some reason finding satisfaction in working through sickness, years of exhaustion, almost wearing those as a badge of honor.  THERE'S NO HONOR IN BEING SICK OR EXHAUSTED!  it doesn't mean anything, other than you need to slow down.

and to be honest, even when we experience victory by choosing to take some time to slow down, we don't even know how to do this effectively.  we bring our cell phones, laptops, iPads, etc.  how did we ever survive before the year 2000?  

right now, i want to get away.  i want to escape.  someplace where even though busyness will pull at me, it won't be able to get to me.  someplace like what you will find here.  (hint: check out the pictures)

so, that's my rant for this friday.  


  1. Right there with ya Brother! I was thinking that I might have to go Australian and maybe go on a walkabout to clear the mind!