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Thursday, May 24, 2012

VOTD-May 24

Psalm 119:36

"Give me an eagerness for your laws rather than a love for money!"

came across this in my daily reading this morning.  brought to mind a conversation i was having with God last night while sitting on my front steps.  

i am constantly in "want" mode.  i want this, i want that.  every time i hear of someone getting an iPad, i want one even more.  every day i drive past this motorcycle shop which is right by the church i work at, and i want one even more.  every day countless articles come across my email, Facebook, and twitter about running stuff, and i want more stuff.  every day i drive by bigger, nicer houses and i want better.  every day i see people skinnier than me, better looking than me, better runners than me, and i want what they have.  

a friend and i were talking about peace recently.  i think one of the main reasons we lack a sense of peace in our culture, is that we always "want".  we are never satisfied.  we always crave what we do not have.  

in the midst of my stupidity last night, my mind wandered to one of our World Vision sponsored children, Nomonde Precious who I met a few years ago in South Africa.  she has no floor in her house.  no trees in her yard.  doesn't even live with her mom and dad.  she has intermittent electricity.  no internet.  no overabundance of clothing.  no cars.  no excess.  

how much time do i waste focusing on crap?  it proves that when we desire anything other than God himself, we will never find peace.  i want an eagerness only for Jesus.  i want a life of freedom, not bondage to stuff.  i want peace.  the peace that's ONLY found in Jesus.  

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