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Friday, June 15, 2012

Possibly my favorite ultra runner

hal koerner is quite possibly my favorite ultra runner.  not really sure why, other than the guy has major talent.  i love that in this video he says his dad played a role in getting him into running.

for me, one of my best friends, michael chitwood got me into running.  he began running i believe because of some other friends of his, and eventually our staff at youth for christ decided all to run a 1/2 marathon as a fundraiser.  i was 280 pounds at the time, and began my training by walking 1/2 mile every day.  my longest training run for that race was a little over 3 miles.  i finished in just under 3 hours, and ended up visiting the medical tent with heat exhaustion.  an iv was placed in my arm.  it was fun.  not.

but i didn't stop there.  now, having lost 80 pounds, and having run 5 ultras and 4 marathons, i'm hooked.  i'm a runner for life.

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