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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

VOTD-June 19

it's been a little while since i've done a verse of the day.  i was doing my daily bible reading tonight, and came across Proverbs 17:17.  this is so good.

"A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need."

one can't have too many good friends in life.  but a good friend is really hard to come by, especially in adulthood.  there are so many things vying for that time and attention.  you've got to be proactive; search friendship out.

i've been privileged to have a number of people i'd call good friends in my life.  they require constant attention.  many of those friends now live in other states so i find that i need to call, text, or even tweet on a regular occasion.  i've got to purpose to check in so that our relationship remains tight.

the same is true with jesus.  all too often we wonder why God isn't speaking to us, why he's not answering our prayers.  but how much effort do we put into nurturing that relationship with him?

be proactive today.  spend some time with jesus.  tune out all distractions and allow him to say whatever he wants.  chances are, you may actually find him asking how you are doing.  but, we are so quick to talk, so let's give him the chance to speak today.

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