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Friday, June 8, 2012


i am so pumped for our family vacation this year!  for the longest time i didn't think it would happen.  every year for the last 7 years or so we've all gone to my aunt's cottage in Michigan.  my family.  my parents.  my brother and his family.  my aunt.  we've spent anywhere from a long weekend to an entire week there.  it's a blast.  our entire family doesn't get many chances to hang out for an extended period of time like that anymore, so we really appreciate that week.  and i'm happy to say we get to do it once again this year!  i love the fact that i'm now in illinois.  if i hadn't moved here 12 years ago, i never would have met my wife, had my children, and made so many awesome friends and memories.  but, there's always a part of me that will feel like michigan is home.  those of you who grew up in a different state than you currently live can probably understand this.  it's not that i don't care about where i currently am.  it's just there's a special feeling when going back to the place you were born and grew up, especially if you still have family there.  all that to say, i'm really looking forward to vacation this year.  at the same time, i thank God for where he currently has me.  there are blessings everywhere i look.  this picture just made me appreciate my upcoming vacation.

of course, i'm not going to the U.P.  but still, it's michigan.  it's more than a mitten.  do you have a vacation spot that you hit up every year?  what are your feelings when you go back "home"?  for some, i'd imagine it could be quite painful; all depends on what your memories were of childhood i suppose.  in any case, i hope you all have a place that you enjoy getting away to.  if you've never been one for travel, i'd encourage you to step out and explore some of the beautiful earth God has created.  it doesn't have to be expensive.  camping is a great way to see the countryside.  enough of my soap box for today.

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