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Friday, June 1, 2012

Comrades Marathon

that's right, Comrades Marathon is taking place this Sunday.  hard to imagine i conquered this amazing race 2 years ago.  feels like it was only yesterday.  in honor of that, here's a video from runners world magazine and bart yasso.

so many memories from that day, from those 2 weeks, from that trip in general.  so, i post this today, thinking of my Team World Vision family over in South Africa this very moment.  tomorrow they drive to pietermaritzburg in anticipation of the start sunday, where they will run 89km/56 miles approx to durban.  they don't run because they love to run.  no, they run for so much more.  they run for hope.  they run for justice.  they run for those who lack in this crazy world.  they run for children who have been given no chance at life.  they run, because they have to.  they are driven to do something that makes a difference.  they don't run for running sake.  they run to save lives.  

take a moment.

think about why you do what you do.

you don't have to run Comrades to make a difference.  you can sponsor a child through world vision for $35/month.  (we sponsor 2, one of the best investments we've ever made)  you can help a friend pay a bill.  you can pay for a stranger's meal.  you can do so many different things.  there are no limitations when it comes to helping others.  

why do you do what you do?  

now go do something for someone else NOW!

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