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Thursday, June 14, 2012


this is something i've had my eyes on for over a year now.  i've had a strange fascination with slack lining, and obsession with watching high lining videos on youtube.  this simply looks like something that would provide hours and hours of fun, with plenty of challenge and no boredom whatsoever.

it appears to be relatively inexpensive if you keep your eyes open for sales.  not sure how many places here in east central illinois that could provide serious heights for high lining, but nonetheless, it looks like a blast.  i've even seen people doing it 5 feet over bodies of water (such as attaching to docks at small lakes).

anyways, just something fun that i thought i'd share this thursday afternoon.  after my daughters tball game tonight, we are going to look at a pop up camper.  this is a dream i've had for years, but never thought i'd see it come to fruition as we typically just don't have the necessary money for one.  but we've found an older one in really good shape that we are going to look at.  i couldn't be more stoked!

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