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Friday, January 4, 2013

What Would YOU Do?

my thoughts wandered this morning while journaling.  if i could do one thing with Jesus, what would it be?  

sure there's running, that i love so much.  there's always going to watch a good movie, going to that amazing restaurant to partake of some fine cuisine.  maybe even that sweet corner coffee shop for a caramel mocha.

then there's this

while it'd be sweet to watch Jesus bust a move, i'm thinking i'd choose to chill with Jesus on a camping trip.

there's nothing i'd love more than to sit around a campfire, eating camp food, s'mores, chilling in hammocks, looking at the stars, and just conversing about life.  that pretty much sounds like heaven to me.  

what about you?  if you could do anything with Jesus, what would it be?  

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  1. one additional thought. after thinking through what that one thing would be that you'd want to do with Jesus, and after sharing that here, go do it! ask Jesus to join you. i think you'll be surprised at what happens.