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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hebrews 13

ah, another day of life.  the air was crisp this morning, with a windchill of -10 while on my daily run.  it was incredibly cold, but there's always something i love about running in weather that most people won't.  there's a part, deep inside of me, that makes me feel just a little more rugged and manly than i normally do.  ok, already off track.  moving on.............

in the past few days i've set a new goal for myself this year, to journal for at least 300 of the days in 2013.  i've done pretty good so far, and have really begun to enjoy it again.  yesterday i felt God encourage me to look for a theme to journal about each day, in addition to my normal ramblings and banter about nothing in particular.  so, today i wrote on dreaming again.

i've become such a pessimistic person over the years, trying to cleverly disguise it as being a realist.  but, really i was pessimistic.  always able to point out why something wouldn't work, instead of dreaming about why it could.  

and i want to dream again.

i want to dream like i did in college, when everything seemed possible.  i want to get excited and passionate again.  i'm excited about this process, as i feel God's really called me to take some risks this year.  i easily see these two connected in a powerful way.  

this morning my attention fell on hebrews 13, and i slowly worked my way through that while eating breakfast.  while i'll keep my observations to myself for right now, i'm curious as to what you have found yourself being drawn to lately?  i feel a pull more and more, to spend much time interacting with the Father.  i spent much of my drive time yesterday with no radio on.  just listening for God to speak.  

He does speak to us you know.  many times, it just takes us tuning everything else out, and learning to hear his voice.  he certainly won't attempt to compete with everything else.  someone dear to me shared recently they finally experienced God speaking to them, in a way they have never felt before.  it was powerful.  it impacted them in a huge way.  and i love hearing about stories like that.  

all that to say, give God some time today.  ask Him to speak to you.  and then work to tune everything else out.  He's faithful.

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