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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Most Personally Moving Quote In Years

I believe a human being has more than an ability to dream. I believe we have a responsibility to dream.

-donald miller

from one of his posts on

i'm dreaming again.  about what could be.  about a variety of things.  how about you?  my prayer today is that God would continue to awaken my dreaming nature.  


  1. I have to say that I know I was born a dreamer, full of awe and creativity and life in those things. Then disappointments and "realities" must have set in and squelched it all.

    I used to want to be a fashion designer, artist and dancer. I "realized" I wasn't so great at any of them at some point. What a great sadness, then apathy.

    I needed to be "bored" in some sense. I was so busy, with children, email, various jobs I had. Coming home to be with my kids was a hearts desire, but what to do? "Just" being at home had no excitement for me. But it gave me some "boredom" of a certain kind that stirred my imagination.

    At first I could do nothing, as I held a baby who wouldn't stop crying. I just looked at my walls and my mind went "crazy" with rambling thoughts that ached to be written or shared. Then I blogged a bit. Then I did some Facebooking, Pinteresting, then started painting furniture.

    When I finished school, and had two little kids, my supervisor shared with me that it would be good if I got a hobby. All I had to talk about was my children. I was extremely insulted, as if I had nothing of value to share with others.

    But looking back he was right in many ways, it wasn't for my job only, it was for me. I never had a chance to have a hobby, as I entered motherhood my senior year.

    Some people dream freely, create things from green fields, and walk around with this beautiful dreaming nature. Not me. I've been a 'realist.'

    But now I'm reawakening something.

    Someone asked me last year what my dreams were and I couldn't answer. Dreams seemed to be high expectations I would never reach so why try. But the question sat with me. And I thought and thought.

    I am starting to dream again, starting to be creative again. Plus, I'm excited about the fact that the Holy Spirit can help me. When I ask, He will bring things to me as I wait in expectation.

    Cheers to new dreams awakened.

  2. Thanks for sharing Jessica! I've always considered myself a realist, but really was more of a pessimist. Always sort of afraid to dream because I could always come up with dozens of reasons why something wouldn't happen. In fact, sometimes I wonder if I believed I didn't deserve good things to happen.

    But, I'm growing, and have felt God call me to dream, and dream big. So proud of you for where you've come from. I pray the Holy Spirit will continue to expand and open up a whole new world of possibilities for you, things you never dreamed would happen!