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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Part Insanity, Part Genius!

The title is the quote from the end of the video you just watched. I've watched this a couple of times now, and every time I was left with this sense of "that's how I want to live my life for Christ". I want to live with recklous abandon for Him.

I want to go for it all, knowing that you never really achieve great things without taking great risk. My heart wants to go after something with absolutely EVERYTHING I've got, holding nothing back, no excuses left!

And yet, to be honest, I'm not sure I've ever attacked anything in my life in this manner.

Most things I go about doing with a sense of hesitation, holding back something. I suppose the fear is that nothing I do will ever quite be good enough, so the thinking is why pour 100% into something if it's not going to be good enough. This has proven to be a difficult challenge to overcome throughout the years.

Yet, there is something deep inside of me that longs for more. Almost that longs to fail in such an incredible way because I absolutely went for it all. Have I done some incredible things in my life? Yeah, I think so. Raising over 30 child sponsorships for my race in South Africa last year certainly ranks up there. Raising my two daughters to love Jesus and the 2 children we sponsor is pretty good as well. Loving my wife and still being married after 8+ years is definitely something to feel good about.

And yet, if I'm honest, I've held back in each area. Why? Simple.


Fear that my efforts won't be good enough.

Fear that I won't be good enough.

And that's why I hold back from God. Fear that He will find me to not be good enough.

Ladies and gentleman, this is what we call a LIE.

Because of what Jesus has done for me, God the Father WILL find me to be enough. I will bring Him pleasure. He will find delight in my, and in a relationship with me! So how do I combat that; how do we combat this together?

We fight back.

WE FIGHT BACK! We try something that we would never think we could pull off. Now, I'm not talking about being reckless or foolish. But I think we all have something that we'd love to be able to pull off, and yet fear holds us back. I might be talking about something personal yet meaningless like bungee jumping. I might be talking about something like offering to pray for my best friend who's going through a divorce right now. I might be talking about giving up cable to sponsor another child in another part of the world. I might be talking about putting down the computer and playing with my children. I might be talking about planning a romantic date night for my wife without the kids. I might be talking about walking up to a person in Walmart who I don't know but sense God asking me to pray for.

It doesn't really matter what I'm talking about. What matters is stepping out. Here's your permission, GO AHEAD AND TAKE A RISK! I journaled the other day that I want to be rich in life experiences, not material possessions. Boy, that one sure hurt. There's nothing more I'd like than to have an unlimited budget for toys. And yet, at the end of the day, what I remember most are experiences I've had, not things I've wasted money on.

So, today I challenge you. TAKE A RISK! Don't settle for a life of meaningless pursuits. You've only got one life to live, so GIVE IT YOUR ALL! Don't hold back, as I've done! No regrets! Sure, you'll make some mistakes along the way. But you'll learn and adapt; God will mold you, and you be the better for it.

So go ahead, take the first step, jump off that cliff, step out of that airplane, be rich in life experiences! Make a difference in someone else's life.

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