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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shut up Legs



Sometimes what I need is a swift, simple, direct, kick in the butt! Ya know what I mean? Seriously, sometimes it really is mind over matter. I definitely have found that to be true in running. It's as much mental as physical. In fact, it may even be more mental than physical when it comes to accomplishing a particular goal.

Life is not altogether different in that regard. I am as good as anyone at pissing and moaning the moment something doesn't go my way. I can complain with the best in the business. It's so easy to place my focus on the water and waves instead of Jesus (potentially unclear Peter walking to Jesus on water reference). Life truly is all about perspective.

This has been an issue as of late for me. Life from an American point of view has been difficult this past year (2010). And even after taking my first trip to Africa, and meeting one of our sponsored daughters, I still so easily forget how amazing I do have it! As American's we comprise roughly 4% of the world's population, and a HEAVY majority experience life in no way, shape, or form the way that we do. Even in my stressful state, I've got it made comparitively speaking. And that's when I need to tell myself, "SHUT UP LEGS!" In other words, "Deal with it! Get over it! Stop whining!"

Seriously, what is it about me that I think as a Christian life should be easy! Where did I learn to buy into that lie? When did I become so lazy? Who wants an easy, boring life anyways? Is that really any way to live? I feel most alive when I am being challenged, and definitely not when I'm coasting. If I'm doing my job by growing in Christ and influencing those around me, then Satan's gonna be pissed and come at me from all angles. What about that battle would be easy? And, just because life may get a little challenging, does that automatically mean it's an attack? Or is that just the way life goes sometimes in the fallen state we live in? Either way, I constantly have to tell myself, "Buck up bro!"

"Shut up legs indeed!" Really, if all I do is constantly nag, complain, and whine, then maybe God is better off if I don't claim Him. Better yet, maybe I should just step up, take my swift kick in the pants, grow up, and forge ahead with a renewed vision to serve Christ with everything I've got! Yeah, shut up legs! Suck it up partner, we've got unfinished business to accomplish here!

What are your thoughts?

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