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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Is it just me, or do many Americans have a problem with materialism? We want the next big thing simply because it's the next big thing! (at least that's how I tend to operate) This book I'm reading on Sabbath has been great; not only giving me insight and ideas into how to celebrate Sabbath in my own way, but also tremendous insights in other areas of life.

For instance, the author says, "I know people who worry they will not be able to stop worrying. I know people who can't fall asleep because they are worrying about not being able to fall asleep......Worry is the fear of emptiness. We think, How will I live if I am called to suffer in this way without end and with no clarity or explanation? Worry obsesses about how our life will be ruined if certain factors outside of our control do not change. Worry extends regret to the future as it anticipates a sorrow too great to endure."

I think I'm addicted to worry.

I think many of us are. Last night I made a mental list of all the things I worry about, and if they are valid or not. Out of a list of 10 or so, maybe 1 was legitimate. AND I STRESS MAYBE. I create issues in my head before they even exist! (how many of you know what I'm talking about?) I take something potentially difficult, and twist and morph it until it becomes something that keeps me awake at night, stomach in knots. The sad thing is this situation I've created hasn't even occured yet; I don't even know if it will happen or not!

I've been a slave to worry.

And then, Allender wrote something that snatched me back to reality. "Sabbath requires the release of worry and invites us to trust........Both worry and regret are satanic."

DOHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Think Homer Simpson)

Most of what consumes my worrisome thoughts are things like.....

>What if our savings account runs out?
>What if we can't pay our bills?
>What if the bank takes our house away?
>What if I can't provide food for my family?

What is noteworthy, is that none of these has yet to even come close to passing. So why do I worry about it? I HATE THAT ABOUT ME!

And then later last night I came across this quote from the book Sabbath. "Abundance is not about possession; it is utterly, completely, and solely about gratitude."
Yes, that's it! Abundance is about gratitude. Usually, when I can switch gears and turn my mind towards thanking God for all I do have, the worry leaves in a hurry! My mind shifts back from imaginary waves, to the creator that I'm walking on the water towards. Allender also states, "We must develop a taste for abundance on the Sabbath, or we will not be prepared for the glory that is ahead."
Honoring and celebrating the Sabbath is not a negotiable command. (4th commandment) It is meant to be everything we need. And I intend to start giving it the attention it deserves in my life.

How about you?