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Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Current Run Streak

today was my 49th consecutive day of running.  7 straight weeks of running, without missing a day.  i've had a minimum goal throughout this streak of 3 miles each day, and only missed that twice (one day was 1.25 miles, the other day a 2 miler).  this past week i bumped that minimum up to 4 miles, because i've been enjoying myself so much.  during that time i've accumulated 233.05 miles, for an average of 4.76 miles per day.  i purposely started out smaller to help avoid injury.  not really sure that i had a goal in mind when i started, other than to try to get to 20 days.  once i reached that i continually strive for short goal.  i will go until i no longer feel like it.  what i've enjoyed more than anything else is that the love for running is back.  for every runner there is a love/hate relationship with running i think.  there are certainly times that we love doing it, and other times that we run simply because we have to.  that's why it's a discipline.  it takes effort, work, determination.

the longer the streak has gotten, the more thankful i've become of the ability i have to run.  by no means do i have a runner's physique (5'11", 228 pounds is rather stocky).  but what a gift it is to be able to move about freely.  so many others cannot run for any number of reasons, and i want to make the most of this gift while i can.  so, i'm making this public today, that i have a goal of moving up to the 50 mile race next fall in Wisconsin at The North Face Endurance Challenge.  it's time to step it back up.  i ran Comrades Marathon 2 1/2 years ago now, and it's the proudest moment of my running "career".  but since then i've stuck with 50k's and it's time to bump it back up.

so, that's what's been going on with my running lately.  i'll head out the door tomorrow morning, getting up at 4:30 to get in day #50.  my next goal will be to get to day #60.  from there, who knows where i'll end up.

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