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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Beer With Jesus?

i came across this video a few weeks ago, and it really caught my attention.  i've grown to really love the song, but i'm not sharing it today to get into a huge debate on whether or not jesus would drink, whether or not christians should drink.  there's a different trail of thoughts running through my head this morning.  i spent some time journaling while listening to this song on repeat today, and here's some of what i wrote down.....

"This Beer With Jesus song has really inspired me quite a bit, in the way of spending these very intimate, private moments with Him.  I need that today Jesus, I want that.  I want to spend time with my friend Jesus.  I want to include you in everything I do today.  Will you come hang out with me?  Will you spend some time with me at work today?  Will you have lunch with Tim Payne and I?  Will you maybe run some errands with me?  Will you hang out with me and the girls after school?  Will you have dinner with me and my family tonight?  Will you go on a run with me after the girls are in bed?  I want more adventures with you Jesus."

my prayer today is not only for myself.  it's for you as well.  i pray you invite Jesus into everything you do today.  ask him to go with you.  seriously.  do it right now.  i believe he's waiting for that invitation.  i believe he wants that more than anything.  share a cup of coffee with jesus today.  share a meal with him.  share your drive into work or home after work with him.  tell him your thoughts, feelings, dreams.  just spend some time with him.  it's amazing when you do this.

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