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Monday, October 1, 2012

The Journey.........

below follows a video recently made by team world vision, an organization incredibly close to my heart that i've written about many times.  it served as a great reminder to the plight of others around the world.  it's incredibly unfortunate to think about all the stuff we take for granted in the united states.  others struggle for survival while i selfishly pursue unnecessary indulgences.  the great thing, is that to get involved and help is so easy.  organizations like world vision have virtually eliminated any and all responses or excuses.  can't afford $35/month to sponsor a child?  give what you can.  $10.  $25.  who cares.  but i'd challenge you don't do what's easy.  look at your life.  can your family eat out 1 less time each month?  that's $35.  do you need the iPhone 5 when the 4 or 4s would do?  that could free up hundreds of dollars, which would be life changing in the hands of world vision.  we've all got options.  agh, forgive me, i'm just preaching to myself this afternoon.  but then again, maybe not?  do yourself a favor, do a little more research.  check out world vision.  email me (Thad) and ask some questions.  do something.  get involved.  get in the game.

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