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Friday, April 1, 2011

Kickapoo My Friend

This was one of the beautiful scenes that I got to take in this morning, as I took on 6 miles of the trails out at Kickapoo State Park. It's quite the understatement to say that I absolutely love it out there. Kickapoo is almost like my own little slice of heaven.

What's most enjoyable about running these trails is that I can just relax and run. I'm not worried about how fast I'm going, or getting a certain distance in. The setting allows me to enjoy the action of running. No pressure. Nothing required of me. Just a moment in time that I can simply enjoy being alive.

It was during one of those moments this morning when reality came crashing in. Actually, I took a nasty little spill just before snapping this photograph.

It was rather humerous to myself. Thankfully I had my hydration pack on, and had stuffed a windbreaker in the main pocket, so that broke my fall quite nicely as I rolled to my back. Let me tell you, it's quite the adventure to roll around on trails that one normally runs on. You should try it sometime!

Nonetheless, good times were had. Running has been sort of strange this year for me, as work schedules have not allowed much time for running. But every so often, things come together and I'm awarded the opportunity to hit the trails, and I've done so with much more regularity than in year's past. So, I think while this year may not have nearly as many miles put in, the quality of runs as far as enjoyment will be of a much higher percentage. And that makes all the difference.

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