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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ask and You Shall Receive

So, as I was writing my previous post the other day about my frustrations with a lack of running, and even greater frustration that when I miss running I get more upset than when I miss "specified time with God", a small window of time was opened up for me to run. So, I hit up a local trail before heading into work, and it was some of the most amazing 5 miles I've ever spent. I'll get to that in a minute.

Many of you have expressed your thoughts concerning my last post, mainly telling me to cut myself some slack. So, I want to clarify that I do know that sometimes running does give me time with God. Most of the time, running is something for me that is a time where I can empty my mind of any thoughts. One of the few moments during the day when I try not to think of anything, other than being in the moment. It's the kind of activity where I invite God to come along and watch, much like my daughters might as me to watch them sing or dance. To me, that's different than concentrated, focused time with God. Not bad, just different. And the point was that I hardly ever get upset if I miss some concentrated, focused time with God. If I do get upset, it's never like when I miss a run. And I still do not feel that is right, at least for me.

I want every piece of me to YEARN for more God, for more interaction with Him. I know He is ready and willing, it's a matter of me paying attention. So, during my trail run, I tried to pay attention to Him, while allowing my mind the freedom to not think of anything in particular. Within the first few moments I came across a bridge, and that just made me stop in my tracks, take a picture, and thank God for the moment. I knew it was there, but for some reason I just felt God stopping me in that moment, to drink in the sweetness of my surroundings.

I loved coming across this bridge. I continued running, all the while paying attention, and eventually came upon a few deer. I couldn't ever quite get close enough for a picture, so I just stood for a moment and again thanked God for the experience. Eventually I moved on, and came upon half a dozen deer. The next few minutes played out like a game of visual tag between me and the deer, as they would bound off, only to reveal themselves again moments later. It was an amazing cat and mouse display, one that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Eventually I sensed God tell me it was time to put away the camera, and enjoy what I came to do; run. So I did just that, enjoying the gift that God gave me. If you haven't already guessed it, the pictures above are just a snipet of my time. I love capturing moments like this, but then, sometimes it's just nice to enjoy being in the moment.

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  1. Yes, that's what I'm talking about! Living/being in the moment! Enjoying what God has created for us (his children) to enjoy! I'm soooo glad, that God was there 7 allowed your eyes to be "open" to see His beautiful creation! I'm also you enjoyed your run! It's a God thing! God is so wonderful to His children, that sometimes I just want to shout out to God that "I love Him"! And, He already knows that! Keep "smellin the roses"!