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Thursday, February 24, 2011

They're Here!

Oh man, I've been anticipating the arrival of these bad boys for quite some time now. Lately I've been following the exploits of an ultrarunner named Antony Krupicka, and New Balance is one of his sponsors. I went out and got the New Balance MT101's for Christmas and have loved using them on the trails so far. Eventually I learned that these were going to be released so I've kept up with them ever since. A few days ago I noticed some local stores saying they had some in, even though they weren't scheduled to be released until March. So, Emily gave me the go ahead (gift for V-Day and anniversary) and we went and picked up a pair last night. These shoes are some amazingly comfortable right out of the box! I am going to wait a few weeks before running in them though. Need some time to wear them around and get a feel for them. There's just something fun and exciting about a brand new pair of running shoes. I haven't exactly put my finger on it, but most runners get excited about such things. I'm sure it's probably a little different for everyone. All I know, is that new shoes excite me.

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