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Monday, April 8, 2013

Jesus Came After Me

jesus has been after my heart as of late.  i've spent the last day or so noticing jesus calling to my heart in so many different places.  in my car, i was moved to turn off the music and just enjoy the silence.  i've spent times reading when i normally would have turned on the tv.  at small group last night, this phrase came after me with reckless abandon

"jesus is absolutely crazy about me"

it was a powerful revelation.  one that i've had before, but desperately needed to be heard again.  and then this morning, such an intimate time was shared with jesus.  he brought passage after passage of scripture to my heart.  so i journaled them, and then allowed him to just speak to my heart.  i invited him into the inner most, deepest parts of my soul.  and he came.  he spoke powerfully, deeply, carefully, and truthfully.  he challenged me, but set my heart at ease at the same time.

wow.  powerful encounters.  jesus is so amazing.  do you have these types of encounters with him?  i know i don't have them near enough.  but it's my own fault because i typically don't allow my time or attention to experience this.  

thank you jesus for meeting with me today.  such an amazing way to kick off the week.  i love you jesus.

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