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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ed Dobson's Seeing Through The Fog

i began reading this book this morning.  i've only ever read one other book by ed, titled the year of living like jesus, but really enjoyed his perspectives.  this new book details his experiences over the past 11+ years with ALS (lou gehrig's disease).  the following is a quote from the forward written by joni eareckson tada.

"so i thank my friend ed dobson for reminding us how to hold on to hope as though it were the thin string of a big kite-the string is so thin in your hand, yet it connects to a force that can almost lift you off the ground."

for some reason, that really resonated with me, and i'm still thinking about it.  i found another quote in the intro to be captivating, "i have never been afraid of dying, but i was very concerned about the process of getting there."  

no real point here, other than to share a little about what i'm reading right now.  i'd love to hear what you are working your way through, or if you have any books you're excited about reading at some point.

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