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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The North Face Endurance Challenge

i leave here in about an hour and a half for my second year in a row at the north face endurance challenge near madison, wisconsin.  i'll be running the 50k once again.  last year i had an amazing time where everything went perfectly, finishing just under 6 hours.  this year, i'll just be happy to finish.  my training is not nearly as strong as last year.  but i know what it takes mentally, so i'll just hit it slow and steady and get it done one way or the other.

i've got this unsettled feeling as the time to leave approaches.  i think, in some ways, i'm actually a little nervous to spend a few days camping with my good friend scott olthoff, totally removed from what has become routine.  life has grown to be incredibly fast paced with things having to be done all the time.  i don't like this feeling of nervousness before a few days of rest.  will i get anxious?  will it go by so fast that i don't enjoy it?  etc, etc, etc.

my resolve is to not put any pressures or expectations on this weekend.  i just want to go and enjoy the moment.  i know it'll be over before i want it to be.  but that's not something to dwell on.  i want to be aware of the moment, allowing God to speak to me whatever he wants.  this is his time as much as it is my time.  rarely do i get large amounts of uninterrupted time.  so Jesus, i turn this over to you.  speak to me.  no, i just ask that you be with me.  if you want to speak that's fine.  if you just want to hang out, that's fine too.  come rain, snow, heat or cold, i'm going to enjoy this time with you.  let's develop another notch of our friendship this weekend.  thank you for gifts like this.

suddenly, i feel my nervousness turning to excitement.................excitement to spend time with my friend Jesus.

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