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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Change-Random Thoughts That Will Be A Complete Waste Of Your Time

I'm someone that likes change. Controlled change. Change that I create. Not significant change mind you, meaningless change. Like facial hair. For awhile I decided to grow out my goatee, and ended up with somewhere between a 3-4 inch long goatee. Wednesday night, just before it was about to get really cold for the weekend, I decided to trim it down to almost nothing. Weird.

Hair. I had been keeping it pretty close, but not completely clean shaven. I decided I wanted the clean shaven look at the same time I trimmed my goatee. Odd.

Weight gain. I spent the first three weeks of January 2012 not running because of a minor injury. I decided I got bored with just weighing over 200 pounds, so I decided to eat like a horse and put on a few, or 20 pounds. Yikes! Don't need that kind of change.

Running. I'm an ultra runner. I don't care to attempt anything shorter than a marathon anymore. And even marathons, I pretty much only run now to help someone else finish. They are a training run to me. While I still have some pretty awesome trail ultras I'm planning on doing this year, I'm thinking of switching gears ever so slightly. More details to come.

Bible. In the past, I've really enjoyed not being strapped down to one plan in order to read it every day. I liked just picking something out and reading. But, lately, I haven't been good at reading it. So, this year I choose a reading plan to get me through the Bible in 1 year. There are days when I mindlessly rip through the daily assignment. However, more and more I'm beginning to really enjoy reading my Bible again. It's getting to be a priority again.

This blog. I just switched a bunch of junk on here, and really just wanted to post something for no particular reason at all. Have a nice day.

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