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Friday, November 4, 2011

Couple new videos

One of the things I've been reminded of lately, is how to keep myself motivated. With regards to running, which I'll focus on today, reading stories and reports from professional ultra trail runners and watching videos really seems to get my juices flowing. To read about or see someone else doing something I love makes me want to head out right away and just run. I ran 13+ miles this morning on the roads, but even just by posting these two videos above, a huge part of me wants to head out the door right now and hit up some trails.

But then, I listen to the message in these videos. Kilian Jornet is by far one of THE best trail/mountain ultra runners EVER. The guy is just a complete stud. And from what everyone says about him, is among the humblest of professional athletes you'll ever meet. But even he has a breaking point, and reached that earlier this year (even at the tender age of 24). It seems the best athletes know that success (in performing well but also fulfillment) lies in a healthy balance. You must push your body hard, but also play hard. Rest well. This balance is KEY to performing at your top level over and over and over again. When you really love to do something, it can be very difficult to say no, and over time you find that you can become indifferent to what you once loved. ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER.

Sometimes, absence is not what is needed, but simply the removal of pressure. Instead of running the next race, Kilian found all he needed was just to have fun again. So, he joined a few friends and just spent a friendly day together in their company.

This has been key for me to remember. There are always greater levels to reach in running. I can always shed more weight, do that extra speed workout, begin strength training, etc. But, sometimes the best thing for me is just go step out the door and go for a fun run. Where I'm not worried about time, pace, distance, quality of workout. I'm just focused on having fun again. Sounds like a good theme for my run tomorrow.

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