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Monday, December 3, 2012

God's Always Speaking. Am I Listening?

so i'm out running the other morning, around 5am.  actually, it was the day after my 36th birthday.  i had gotten some cash, and i began thinking on what exactly i wanted to do with it.  thoughts came quickly about the possibilities.  the impossible suddenly turns into possibilities when cash enters the picture.  it is indeed true that it burns a hole, at least in my pocket.

shoes, running products, races, books.  these are the things that make us happy, right?  if only i enter another race, then i'll be happy.  read the newest book, i'll be content.  those trail shoes that just came out, gotta have em.  there's no way i can be happy with my current pair.  

wow.  so i'm running, and happen to glance at the sky for some reason, and see a shooting star.  awesome!  i say a quick thanks to God, and almost miss it.  he's whispering something to me; something familiar.  something he's said before.

"Thad, don't you know?  Don't you know how much I love you?"  once again, this gentle reminder enters my very soul.  "Those things you're desiring right now, won't bring you happiness.  You know this."  busted.  dang, you caught me Jesus.  you're right.  what a relief to let go of those things, and begin to remember once again that only Jesus brings true happiness.  so what now Jesus?  "Just spend time with me.  Listen for my voice.  Hang out with me."

so simple.  and yet, do you know what's been the biggest battle the last day and a half?  getting some uninterrupted time with Jesus.  

yes my friends, god is still speaking.  the question is, am i listening?

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